About Us

Nothing is more important than feeding your family. And as a mother herself, Arielle knows first-hand what a priority and what a cause of anxiety it can be. Fare Meals is her way of taking her expertise and helping others get through that angst with easy affordable tools and ideas they can apply at home.

Fare Meals is a resource for families that combines Arielle’s experience and her passion to help as many people as she can and ensure families have access to meal recipes that are easy, healthy and affordable. By working to educate families on nutrition through her recipes, her hope is that she can give families the tools they need to eat well and do so in a way that they are comfortable regardless of their means.

All of the recipes are created and scored on three main pillars – affordability, health and ease. At the top of each recipe there are icons representing each pillar and its score on a scale from 1 to 3 to help families navigate the cost, ease to make and health benefit of each. So, what does this all mean?


Fare Meals, Inc. is a registered nonprofit, formerly known as Fare Meals By Arielle. Fare Meals is a 501(c)(3) business.


Each recipe is based on common ingredients you can find in your local grocery store (and often in your pantry). All ingredients used are cost effective and often multi-purpose to help spread out their use over multiple meals. All recipes fit in the range of $4 – $25 depending on ingredients and serve up to 5 people, meaning just $1-$5 per person. The number of s indicates where in that range each recipe fits.

Good Health

Each recipe also includes the main health benefit your family will get from the ingredients in that meal. Not just the nutritional information (like protein, etc.), but what that actually means to you and for your health. For example, increased energy, stay full longer, help build immune system, etc.


We know that not everyone loves to cook, has the time to cook, or is very good at cooking – so the goal of these recipes is to make them as easy and even as quick as possible. The easiest ones are also great starters to get the kids involved! Before long, you’ll have a few seasoned chefs in your family.

  • One spatula represents meals that very easy and would take about 5-10 mins to prepare. Great for kids to help.
  • Two spatulas represents meals that are easy and would take about 11-16 mins to prepare. Great for Kids to help too especially with a little experience from doing the 1 spatula meals.
  • Three spatulas represents meals that may take some extra preparation and would take more than 16 mins to prepare.