Helpful Shopping Tips

Buy frozen fruits and vegetables!

  • Frozen fruits and veggies contain much of the same nutrients as fresh fruits and vegetables. They can be used to eat plain, or fun to add into a smoothie and other delicious snacks!

No freezer space? Think about buying canned fruits and vegetables to stock up at home.

  • Canned foods are relatively cheaper, shelf-stable and last a long time.
  • Helpful Hint: soak canned fruits and vegetables before consuming as they usually contain salt/syrups
  • Helpful Hint: Canned beans are also a great option as they can be a good base for meals and are packed with fiber and protein

Buy grains in bulk

  • Pasta, rice and any other family favorite grains will last in your cabinets for a long time!
  • Helpful Hint: it’s best to eat whole grains because of the added fiber they contain, but if this is not something your family is into, then use whatever products they will eat! There are more creative and fun ways to add additional fiber to these dishes as well; such as loading them with yummy vegetables, beans, or other fiber-filled ingredients!

Stock up on nuts and seeds!

  • Not only do these last a long time on shelf, but they are a good/healthy snack, and can added to salads or other dishes.

Dried herbs can be a good pantry item

  • They last much longer than fresh herbs and add nice flavor to any dish.

Helpful Cooking Tips

Make it fun for the whole family!

  • While we all have A TON of time on our hands during this pandemic, why not use it as a way to get the whole family involved. 
  • Studies show that many picky eaters will try a new food if they’ve helped prepare it. Use this to your advantage- not only will your child try a new food, but you will also get help in preparing meals and everyone will have tons of fun!

Make sauces and freeze them

  • Sauces can be easily frozen in small containers, or even in ice cube trays. They can then be taken out of the freezer, defrosted and on your table in no time! 
  • Helpful Hint: Batch cooking is great way to stock your freezer for those days you don’t have as much time to cook.  Just double the recipe so you can eat some right away and have leftovers to freeze for another day.

Measure in advance 

  • Measuring ingredients in advance can save lots of time while preparing meals! You can put the ingredients in little containers so that they are all ready for you when its time to cook. 

Prepare meals as much as possible ahead of time!

  • Preparing meals ahead of time can save you a headache! If you can, try to prepare as many meals as possible a few days in advance, and freeze whatever you can!