I started Fare Meals in April 2020 as a community nutrition project aimed to empower families eating on a budget. As a mother, I know how difficult it can be to provide healthy meals for my husband and kids that are both nutrient-dense and practical. As a registered dietitian, I curated family-friendly recipes using affordable ingredients that were nutritious and delicious. The Fare Meals website continues to be a completely free, online resource where anyone can find these recipes along with some convenient cooking tips and easy kitchen hacks.

In an effort to reach more people, I decided to transition my passion project to a non-profit organization in October of 2020. I felt that this was the perfect solution, one which would allow Fare Meals to create the most profound impact on the community. As of February 2021 and after an extensive transition process, Fare Meals is officially a registered non-profit, pending 501(c)3 status! We did it! Currently, our mission is to continue empowering families with nutrition education, step-by-step recipes, and budget planning to make meals healthier, easier, and more affordable. 

Fare Meals’ first venture as a non-profit is to host free educational webinars that offer a safe space for nutritional guidance and questions. Our first topic covered tips and tricks for creating shopping lists on a budget, and subsequent webinars will explore the role of kids in the kitchen as how to make “healthier” or better choices at local retailers . We also plan to provide subsidized family counseling sessions focusing on overall family nutrition. 

Our ultimate vision is to combat America’s chronic disease crisis by making healthy food an accessible option for all families. In the future, I hope to grow Fare Meals by expanding our reach into school systems. Once permitted, the non-profit will enter the in-person nutrition education space in a safe and effective manner! Overall, Fare Meals aims to continue helping the community learn more about making smart lifestyle choices rooted in nutrition while providing free and accessible resources to educate parents and children. Follow along and stay tuned for upcoming updates, recipes, and webinars!


My Best,